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Walkabout Excursions specializes in personalized tailor-made trips to Greece. Whether you want to discover Greece’s ancient ruins, indulge in luxury, escape to an untouched island, have an active vacation full of adventure, or have an unforgettable honeymoon, Walkabout Excursions will plan it for you. Every experience we design is focused on authenticity, intimacy, and personalized luxury.

         Our Concept

Ourania & Andreas

Our Commitment

Let Walkabout Excursions plan your dream vacation for you. Why? Because YOU come first! Your interests, preferences, and goals for your trip, are our first concern. Additionally, we'll make sure that from the moment you step off the plane to the moment you board for you return, everything from hotels to tours will run as smoothly as possible. Just relax and let us do the work for you.

Our Mission

Everyone at Walkabout Excursions has a love for Greece, its people, and its history. We love the beauty of untouched villages and the majesty of the ancient ruins. We love the history and mythology that permeates every area of the country. We love the blend of new and old, modern and ancient that is found throughout Greece. Not only do we love everything about Greece, but we also want to share this love of Greece’s and its hidden treasures with you. Ultimately, the team at Walkabout Excursions would like you to leave Greece feeling that you not only visited a new country but that you've found a second home.

Our Network

Our team is professional and reliable. Our guides, concierges, and drivers have intimate familiarity with Greece and its culture. They are eager to share their love of Greece as well as their own personal knowledge of its hidden treasures. Each service planned for you has passed our high standards of quality. Additionally, each accommodation we recommend, from luxury seaside villa to snug guest houses nestled in the mountainous regions of Greece, have been hand-picked by us. They are the best of the best in their category.

Most Popular Excursions

Here are some travel experiences we designed for clients.
We would love the opportunity to share these excursions with you or to plan something all your own.

Areas of Greece

Traveling from one area of Greece to another is to experience a metamorphosis of landscape, culture and history. Surround yourself with Greece's ancient past in modern day Athens, hike the mountains of Epirus on the mainland, sail the lush Venetian-influenced islands of the Ionian, or relax in the whitewashed villages of the Aegean Islands.







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The Mainland Video