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Walkabout Excursions / The Cycladic Islands

The Cycladic Islands

As the largest island group in Greece, the Cycladic Islands are the quintessential summer destination. While natural diversity is abundant on the islands-from the dramatic cliffs of Santorini and the sandy beaches of Mykonos, to the lush valleys of Naxos-you will not have to venture far to find whitewashed homes, blue skies, a sea of infinite blue, and sun

The area

The Cycladic islands comprise about 220 islands in the Aegean archipelago and fulfill most visitors’ expectations of a Greek island—an arid landscape decorated with white-washed buildings surrounded by an extraordinary light and a sea of infinite blue.As the largest island group of Greece the Cyclades offer a great variety of landscape and character, from the dramatic cliffs of Santorini and the sandy beaches of Mykonos to the lush valleys of Naxos. Given the proximity of the islands to one another, it is possible to explore several of them in just a few days.

The interest

Mykonos, Santorini, Delos, Paros, Naxos – these are just some of the places you can visit in this archipelago. On cosmopolitan islands such as Mykonos you’ll find streets lined with shops, bars and restaurants. On small islands, relatively untouched by the outside world, you’ll be transported into another time far removed from the bustle of larger islands. On Delos, an ancient marble city and the center of the Cyclades, you’ll be able to imagine the grandeur of its ancient life. The multitude of islands in the Aegean offers an array of choices for those wishing to visit this quintessential part of Greece

The views